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AICHAIN final dissemination event with ATM stakeholders

The final dissemination event of AICHAIN was issued online on two dates: the 16th and 24th of November. More than 10 people attended the event "Improving Air Traffic Management operations with machine learning collaboration on private data sets: discussion of use cases of interest for the ATM stakeholders" on each of the marked dates. The attendees represented other SESAR ER4 projects, the ATM sector, and the air transport industry.

The goal was to disseminate and discuss the concept and results of the project, and to identify other use-cases in which the proposed solution could solve the problem of data exploitation when privacy is required.

The workshop served not only to disseminate the final results of the project, but also to identify other use cases of the AICHAIN solution beyond those investigated throughout the project. Much interest was shown in the possibility of exploiting sensitive data for machine learning modelling without jeopardising the privacy of these data, proposed by the AICHAIN solution.

Future applications for multimodal coordination, air transport planning, demand prediction, and airport resources management, among others, were identified during the workshops, showing the path for the further evolution and the operation deployment of the presented solution.

Below two key slides of the presentation provided which illustrate the idea that AICHAIN solution is a transversal enabler for many applications of private data exploitation in ATM, while fostering the discussion with the audience (ATM stakeholders) about potential use cases of their interest beyond those two cases explored within the project.



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