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AICHAIN project session provided at the 12th EASN 2022 Conference

The 12th EASN international conference on Innovation in Aviation & Space was successfully held in Barcelona, Spain, from October 18th to October 21st, 2022. The event included eight keynote speeches, more than 400 technical presentations, and 85 aviation and space project presentation, with 470 participants from 39 countries. Highlights and summary can be found in the EASN January 2023 newsletter, and the participant research projects presented in the conference can be found here.

The AICHAIN team contributed with a session on the project, with five presentations about the proposed AICHAIN solution.

  1. The AICHAIN solution: Improving air traffic management through machine learning collaboration on private data sets, by Mr.Javier Busto (SITA) and Dr. Sergio Ruiz (EUROCONTROL).

  2. The AICHAIN solution proof-of-concept prototype and demo showcases, by Dr. Salman Toor and Dr. Fredrik Wrede (SCALEOUT).

  3. The AICHAIN research use cases in the ATM domain (for demand and capacity balancing), by Dr. Sergio Ruiz (EUROCONTROL), and Dr. Ignacio Martin (NOMMON).

  4. The AICHAIN approach to enable governance and incentives policies in the machine learning collaboration, by Dr. Sergio Ruiz (EUROCONTROL).

  5. AICHAIN conclusions and directions, by Dr. Sergio Ruiz (EUROCONTROL) and Mr. Javier Busto (SITA).

Experts of airspace users and airspace traffic managers attending the workshop showed a great interest in the proposed solution and in its potential for supporting a more efficient and equitable ATM.



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