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AICHAIN in the 12th SESAR Innovation Days

The SESAR Innovation Days (SIDs) are the main vehicle for SESAR Joint Undertaking to share progress and disseminate exploratory research results. This year marked its 12th edition and was hosted by HungaroControl at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest, from 5th to 8th December.

Within the Machine Learning session II of the SID2022 agenda, AICHAIN technical and scientific lead, Sergio Ruiz, presented the project results paper, titled “Privacy-preserving federated machine learning in ATM: experimental results from two use cases, Quantitative proofs of the added value of private sensitive data in ATM operations”, focused on use cases experiment results.

Sergio Ruiz, together with Javier Busto, project coordinator, presented in the posters session the 2nd project poster, titled “A novel framework of governance and incentives for collaborative machine learning in ATM”, focused on the governance and incentives research area of the project.

➡️ You can find and download the paper and poster in the resources section in this site.



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