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AICHAIN 1st External Advisory Board Workshop

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

The online meeting took place on March 25th and helped AICHAIN's partners to gather feedback from different ATM stakeholders.

On March 25th, 2021, all members of the AICHAIN consortium organised the first External Advisory Board Workshop of the project. The main objective of this online meeting was to receive the attendees’ opinions and feedback on the project development.

The workshop began with a general overview of the AICHAIN project. Then, a first proposal of the project´s use cases was presented. With the purpose of getting feedback on different aspects of the project, the attendees participated in a series of collaborative activities, which consisted in a survey, a SWOT analysis, and a participative case study.

The outcome of the meeting was largely positive, the external advisory board members showed great interest in the project, and AICHAIN partners gathered valuable input to proceed with the project development.

➡️ Read more about AICHAIN's first External Advisory Board Workshop in D4.1 AICHAIN Governance & Incentives model.



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