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AICHAIN Intermediate Progress Review Meeting

The Intermediate Progress Review Meeting of the AICHAIN project took place online on September, 29th.

On September 29th, 2021, all members of the AICHAIN consortium presented to the SESAR JU the status of the project, the progress done in the different work packages, and the main activities performed during this first year. The meeting was conducted online, and all partners contributed to explain the main milestones reached, which are summarised below:

  • Definition of the AICHAIN concept and preliminary architecture of the solution.

  • Development of a federated machine learning platform, including the first functional experiments and a live demonstration.

  • Definition of two use cases: take-off time prediction and route prediction.

  • Demonstration of the private data value through non federated experiments of the use cases.

  • Definition of a preliminary governance and incentive mechanism for the AICHAIN solution.

The SESAR JU representatives gave valuable feedback on the technical deliverables, suggesting the potential to reach TRL2.



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